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Morning Light Jewelry
Sam & Tami Serio
28039 Cherryhill Ct.
Suite 51
Hallwood, VA 23359

Phone: (757) 824-3868
(10am-5pm EST)

Fax: (757) 824-4516

About Us

Tami and Sam Serio have been working with Sterling Silver Jewelry for nearly 15 years and have been exhibiting at Fine Craft Shows and other Special Events for over 14 years. Though we specialize in Sterling Silver Jewelry designs, we have recently branched out into Gemstones and some Gold designs. We have also become involved with more unique mediums such as Crystals and Ribbon Jewelry.

2004 was a very busy year for Morning Light Jewelry, as we exhibited at nearly 60 Special Events and launched our new website 2005 will be equally busy from a touring perspective and we plan to open an ebay store that showcases some of the unusual offerings that we bring to our "Live Shows", as well as a few surprises.

And now for a little background...

In a previous life, before becoming the "creative eye" of Morning Light Jewelry, Tami Serio was a Microbiologist and worked in several large hospitals for about 12 years. Her interest in things Medical is now expressed in watching ER and reading Medical Murder Thriller Novels. These days, she devotes herself full-time to her jewelry and Griffin John Serio our son who is 4 1/2 years old.

As for myself, Sam Serio, I am a former professional Singer/Songwriter and performing musician of nearly 30 years and owner of a successful nutritional business before entering the world of Crafts and Jewelry. I am the Director of Sales and Marketing for Morning Light Jewelry.

We live and operate our Jewelry Business from our small farm on the lovely Eastern Shore of Virginia, just minutes from the Chesapeake Bay on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. We maintain 12 Groves of exotic and some rare Bamboos here at the farm. The scope and intensity of this hobby would indicate some commercial reason for this, though none has been revealed at this time.

We also shelter nearly 20 abandoned and abused Dogs and Cats. A portion of our profits goes to the care and feeding of these unfortunate creatures. Thank you for your support!


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