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How to Solve Your Pierced Ear Problems

In the fifteen years that Morning Light Jewelry has been touring the country with our collections of jewelry and gemstones, we have met face to face with countless thousands of individuals from all walks of life. Many have revealed their problems with wearing earrings. Of course, we have always done our best to provide assistance and support to those who are experiencing some difficulties, but truly effective solutions were hard to find.

We began a search for someone who specializes in earring solutions for our customers with special needs.

Finally, we discovered the Earring Doctor at

If you have an earring problem, regardless of what it is... they have a solution.

Now, when a customer confides in us with a particular problem relating to earrings, we simply say, “you need to visit The Earring Doctor at"

The Earring Doctor is totally focused on earring and earring health issues and they have a solution for you.

Morning Light Jewelry is more than happy to recommend the services and products at


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