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Gemstone Jewelry Collection

Gemstone earrings, beautiful gemstone rings in every color imaginable, a gemstone necklace set in gold or even platinum, a sterling silver bracelet with multi-colored gems, or maybe a Celtic Cross with a garnet gemstone… the possibilities are endless! It’s no wonder that gemstones have placed such a captivating spell on women and men for so long! The mystery and magic of colored stones has been an integral aspect of the folklore and fashion of every culture and society throughout history.

JeGem RingIn this day and age, gemstones are generally worn for their natural beauty or to complement a fashionable article of clothing. There are still those that take great stock in a particular gems mystical symbolism or supposed power to heal and historically they are not alone in these beliefs. There are also those that consider this superstition or worse.

But, almost everyone agrees that the right combination of gemstone jewelry has the power to transform a simple outfit into a “drop-dead” gorgeous fashion statement.

The spectrum of colored gemstone jewelry has exceeded the limits of the humble birthstone pendant or ring. There are alternative birthstones for most months, allowing yet more options of design and color. There are no wrong colors, but one must always consider the influence of fashion.

Whatever, your reason, the world of gemstone jewelry offers a staggering selection of colors; reds, blues, greens, and many unusual shades, and in every price range.

We at Morning Light Jewelry must confess; we too are captivated by the spell of beautiful gemstones, especially when placed in the hands of talented artisans who share our vision of jewelry as a wearable form of art and a meaningful expression of the wearer’s inner self.

The partners in our Gemstone Jewelry Collection form a team of jewelry providers that share our “magnificent obsession” with the fantastic world of gemstones. The quality of their work, artistry and unique designs surpass our most stringent scrutiny. We recommend them most highly. Shop and compare! We feel very confident that you will fall in love with the jewelry from these fine merchants. Let your imagination run wild. Savor the spectacle. And revel in the abundance of the following merchants offerings. Enjoy!

JeGem Earrings

Je Gem
The designers and artists of this amazing collection of handcrafted gemstone jewelry have an unabashed passion for working with precious and semi-precious stones. If you are looking for gemstone jewelry that is truly unique, then look no farther. Many of the offerings contained in their most excellent website will simply take your breath away.

Blue Nile Gemstone Ring

Blue Nile
If we could recommend but one website for all of your jewelry needs and desires, www.bluenile would no doubt be our choice. Their gemstone jewelry collection ranks with the best and as always they maintain the highest standard of quality and service before, during and after the sale. Their website is a study in beauty for the eye and ease of use. Forbes magazine calls Blue Nile their favorite online jewelry store. Pay them a visit and you’ll understand why.

Solisa Earrings

We selected www.solisa.com as a member of our gemstone jewelry collection team because they are equal to the level of quality and freshness of design as their teammates and they too are a little over-the top” about gemstone jewelry, as are we. The special something that they offer is perhaps the most fascinating array of gemstone earrings in stunning, state of the art designs, as we have ever seen on one website. If you love gems and you have ”thing” for cutting-edge earring designs, www.solisa.com is where you want to be.


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